The name Dara originated from Sidama which is a wereda in sidama region. Sidama is where everything started for Dara Coffee. Sidama is special because of its flavorful taste, various fragrances, and distinct processing method.

The ripening process is carried out more slowly and at a lower temperature than in other parts of Ethiopia, resulting in a sweet flavor and an acidic, fruity fragrance.

The region where Sidama coffee is collected is fertile and suitable for coffee tree development. In the Rift Valley, the land stretches across the hills south of Lake Awasa. The temperature here is cooler than in the other regions, which leads the coffee cherries to ripen at a slower speed. So, its harvesting season is later than the other coffees in Ethiopia.

The long ripening process helps these cherries adapt to the various fragrances, quality, and characteristics of Sidama coffee which are the most special aspects of Sidama coffee.