Like many high-end beans, Yirgacheffe is grown at high elevation (1,700 – 2, 200 meters above sea level) and hand picked.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Its light bodied flavor and delicious aromas make it a perfect beverage choice. A fine Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee displays a bright acidity along with intense, clean tastes and a complexity of floral notes in the aroma, sometimes with a hint of toasted coconut. Cupping notes frequently mention the aftertaste being vibrant, and the coffee may exhibit undertones of berry or wine.

Coffee lovers appreciate a well-brewed cup of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe coffee. When done right, it’s unlike any other. Contact us to learn more about how you can get a fresh batch of Yirgacheffe coffee beans.